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Badugi Tips

If you have landed on our homepage then you have probably searched ‘Badugi Tips’ or ‘Badugi Poker Tips’ in google or some other search engine. With that in mind we would like to show you some articles which will really help improve your game, allow you to make and use plays which will confuse your opponents and give you the tools you need to clean up playing Badugi online.

Badugi Strategy – This is the best place to start if you are looking for some top quality tips to help you when playing Badugi online. It covers starting hand strategy, drawing strategy and when and how to snow.

Badugi Odds – This article is one of the best on our site by far. It will show you a quick and easy way of working out percentages during any hand where you are drawing or your opponent is trying to outdraw you.

Badugi Snow Strategy – Snowing when playing Badugi is going to allow you to take down pots that you otherwise might have given up on. This article tells you when to snow and when not to snow when playing Badugi.

Play Badugi Poker Online is the only place to play Badugi online. It’s the worlds largest online poker room and the only poker room which has enough traffic to support regular Badugi action across cash games, sit and go’s and mutli table tournaments.

For a full review of what Pokerstars can offer Badugi poker players check out this article: Pokerstars Badugi

History Of Badugi

Badugi was first introduced into the online poker world in 2008 by PokerStars but has been a popular card game for over 50 years. Since Badugi poker came to the online scene Pokerstars has always been the best place to play Badugi online.

The game itself is thought to have been invented in Korea and brought to the USA by Paul Eskimo Clark after he served in the Vietnam war. It is widely accepted that he brought the game to the US but he also claims to have invented the game which seems somewhat unlikely.

Our Badugi History article lays to bed all the crazy claims about the origins of Badugi and details it’s history since the early 1900′s.

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