Fixed Limit Badugi Online

PokerStars.comFixed limit Badugi games are available to play online at PokerStars where all of the Badugi cash games on offer are fixed limit and 8 max. They start at the 25c/50c level and go right up to the nosebleed stakes $400/$800. At the moment PokerStars is the only online poker room which has good Badugi traffic and the only cash games are Badugi fixed limit games.

Play Badugi at PokerStars

One of the main reasons only fixed limit Badugi is on offer is that pot limit and half pot limit Badugi are both considered seriously high variance and very difficult to beat even for the top players. Fixed limit games allow for more maneuverability, a higher focus on pot odds and more emphasis on hand reading which gives the better players a much bigger edge. Fixed limit games also force players to make decisions on all betting and drawing rounds preventing them from getting all the money into the pot with 2 or even 3 draws still remaining.

For more information about Badugi on Pokerstars check out our PokerStars Badugi page. It covers all of the different Badugi games on offer at Pokerstars and gives you an idea of the Badugi traffic their games attract in comparion to other poker sites offering Badugi.

How To Play Fixed Limit Badugi

Seen as though fixed limit Badugi cash games are the only kind available online we wrote our how to play Badugi guide with the fixed limit format in mind. The article covers pretty much everything you need to know about how to play the game and it links out to some cool strategy resources including information on Badugi hand rankings and fixed limit Badugi starting hands. Check it out using this link – How To Play Badugi


Players who are not used to playing fixed limit games nearly always forget that the betting limits increase in fixed limit Badugi when it gets to the third betting round. In the early rounds players can only bet and raise in increments of the small bet amount. In a $1/$2 game this would be $1. It isn’t until the third round of betting that this amount increases to the big bet amount ($2 in the $1/$2 game). If you are an experienced limit player then you are probably thinking why are you telling me this, but you’d be amazed how many new players forget this rule so we thought it worth a mention.