Heads Up Badugi Poker

PokerStars.comHeads up Badugi is thought by many Badugi players to be the most exciting form of the game. It’s a one on one battle and can be the place where the best Badugi players make most of their profit. If you can get a fish heads up then it’s just you and him, no one else can win the fishes money apart from you and if you are the best player you better believe you’ll be getting that money more often than not! At the moment there aren’t actually any heads up Badugi poker cash games online but at PokerStars you can play heads up Badugi sit and go tournaments.

Play HU Badugi at PokerStars

The buy ins of the PokerStars Badugi heads up sit and go tables range from between $2.20 and $530. The Badugi player pool at PokerStars, whilst the biggest online, is still quite small compared to say the Holdem or Omaha player pool. This means that you’re going to find yourself coming up against the same opponents on a much more regular basis. The higher stakes you play the more and more you will find this happening.

All of the Badugi heads up sit and go’s on PokerStars are fixed limit. Players start with 1,500 chips each and the blinds go up every 10 minutes. There is no all in protection and each player gets a 60 second time bank.

Level Blinds
1 20/40
2 30/60
3 50/100
4 100/200
5 150/300
6 200/400
7 250/500

The lower the stakes the higher amount of traffic there is in the Badugi heads up sit and go’s. The $5.50 games run on a much more regular basis than the $105 matches.

Occasionally you will find heads up cash games running. What normally happens is two players decide to play heads up and join one of the free 8 max tables together. If anyone else joins the table then they will sit out and explain the situation. This doesn’t really happen at the lower limits but sometimes the high stakes regulars will play each other heads up in this fashion.

Play Badugi heads up online now at PokerStars.com