Badugi Poker History and Origins

PokerStars.comBadugi poker is thought to have originated in South Korea. It shares many similarities with lowball triple draw games and has only just started to rise in popularity in the online poker world. Badugi poker history is a subject that has brought about much debate and the origins of the game are still somewhat unclear. Over the years Badugi poker has been called many different names and it is only since it’s introduction at PokerStars that the name Badugi has really started to stick.

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History of Badugi: Origins

Paul Eskimo ClarkAs previously mentioned Badugi is a game that originated in South Korea and has been a popular card game there since the 1960′s. In South Korea it is widely known as Padooki and many online sources suggest the name comes Badugi comes from the Korean word for ‘spotted dog’. There is one outstanding problem with this theory. The simple fact that there isn’t actually a Korean word for spotted dog which makes it very difficult for this theory to be correct. Another common theory is that the game is named after a 1970′s spotted dog cartoon character from Korea who’s name was Paldugi. This theory is even less founded than the first theory because Badugi was played well before 1970 in South Korea, it’s more likely that the character was named after the game than the game named after the character.

The problem of Badugis origins remains un clear and unfortunately we cannot offer an actual origin but only dispel current theories.

What we do know for sure is that the game was brought to the USA by Paul Eskimo Clark who currently claims to have invented the game. Clark claims that he invented the game whilst serving in the US military during Vietnam and brought it back with him once his service was over. Whilst it’s highly unlikely he actually created the game it is accepted that he is responsible for introducing the game in the USA.

Badugi Poker History Online

Badugi history online is much more clear than the origins of the game. Badugi was first spread online at poker rooms networked to the Tribecca poker network. Rooms such as VC Poker and Doyles Room were where the vast majority of online Badugi action took place. The Tribecca network was then taken over by what is now iPoker and when this happened Badugi was dropped from the roster. eventually re launched the game in the hope of attracting the players who used to play regularly in the Tribecca games. and the other rooms on the Merge network where the only places to play Badugi online until 2008 when PokerStars introduced the game.

Currently you can play Badugi on both the Merge network and PokerStars. If you actually want to play the game PokerStars is your only legit option. The traffic on the Merge network is so poor that Badugi games basically never run. For more info on Badugi at Pokerstars check out this Pokerstars Badugi article.

Other Names For Badugi Poker

It is only since PokerStars upped Badugi’s online presence that the name Badugi has actually stuck. Other names for Badugi poker include Padooki, Paldugi, Padugi, Padookie and Badooki.

When the game was first played in Las Vegas casinos it was written up on the boards as either Padooki or Paldugi. Badugi is the name that has won out and now used as the universal term.

The only place running regular Badugi poker games online is PokerStars. Visit the PokerStars website for more information on Badugi or to download the software and play Badugi online.