Learn To Play Badugi

Learn BadugiEver since PokerStars introduced Badugi loads of poker players have been searching ‘learn to play Badugi’ and we thought that what better way to help people learn Badugi than put together a Badugi poker guide which links out to all the great articles on our website about Badugi and how to play.

Step 1 – Hand Requirements

Before you even think about learning how to play Badugi or any Badugi strategy you need to know the Badugi hand rankings. They are different from any other form of poker so pay attention when you read our Badugi hand rankings article. It will explain to you how Badugi ranks hands and what beats what when it gets to a showdown.

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Step 2 – Learn How To Play

Once you are familiar with the hand rankings then you need to learn how to play Badugi, how the betting rounds work, how the drawing rounds work, what blind structure is and what betting limits are used. It pays to read over this article and the previous one a few times so that when you actually get into a game you can recognize whats going on and know what to expect as hands of Badugi progress.

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Step 3 – Starting Hand Requirements

Once you know how to play and what beats what you need to get to grips with what hands to play pre draw. In our starting hand requirements article we group Badugi hands into 6 groups and give you some advise about which groups of hands to play from different positions at the table. The article also covers when to raise and re raise preflop.

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Step 4 – Badugi Strategy

Naturally, after you know which hands you should be playing you need to know how to play those hands. If you can apply the concepts discussed in our next article then you are going to have an edge over many players at the lower limit Badugi tables. There isn’t a lot of good Badugi strategy out there so if you learn to play Badugi and understand how to strategically manipulate your opponents the profits should start streaming in. This article also covers badugi poker bankroll management.

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Step 5 – Advanced Badugi Strategy

If you’re feeling OK about everything so far then you should definitely take a look at this strategy article which is aimed at more advanced players. It will discuss some plays you can make to confuse and manipulate your opponents.

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Step 5 – Play Online

After reading the articles above you are ready to play Badugi online. You don’t have many options as a Badugi player but the best places to play Badugi poker online are discussed in the linked article below.

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