Badugi Odds and Percentages

PokerStars.comThe Badui odds that most players are interested in are the odds they have of improving a hand by drawing cards from the deck. The worse your hand the better chance you have of improving it and the more draws you have remaining the higher the odds of improving your hand become.

Odds in Badugi aren’t actually that difficult and we have set up a Badugi odds table below which you can use to guide you in your decision making processes. It’s important to remember when looking at the Badugi odds table below that there are other factors which can change the odds of you improving your hand. We will discuss them where necessary during the rest of this article.

Badugi odds of improving a 3 card hand

The Badugi odds of improving a 3 card hand are actually quite simple and we can show you a quick and easy way of working out what the percentage odds will be. It’s a bit like the 2% rule when playing Holdem. It is important to remember that if you are playing in an 8 max Badgui game then a 3 card hand will rarely be a winner.

There are two criteria for finding a card which will improve you from a 3 card hand to a 4 card hand: the card you draw must be of the correct suit and it must not pair you up. When you are drawing to a 3 card hand hoping to make a 4 card hand you will always have 10 cards which can improve your hand or 10 outs if you prefer.

For example you hold As 2d 3h 4h and want to draw to a 4 card hand. The cards which will improve your hand are as follows; 4,5,6,7,8,9,T,J,Q or K of clubs equaling a total of 10 outs. Now your percentage chance of improving your hand does depend on the number of draws that remain.

A quick and easy way to work out your odds in Badugi is as follows. 2 x number of outs x number of draws. This sum won’t give you an exact odds match but it will put you pretty close. Below is a table of the correct odds and an example of the odds produced by the equation.

Outs 1 Draw 2 Draws 3 Draws
1 2% 4% 6%
2 4% 8% 12%
3 6% 12% 18%
4 8% 16% 23%
5 10% 20% 29%
6 13% 24% 34%
7 15% 27% 38%
8 17% 31% 43%
9 19% 34% 47%
10 21% 38% 51%

Equation Example:

There is only one draw remaining, we know we have 10 outs as we are drawing to a 3 card hand so the sum is 2 x 10 (number of outs) x 1 (number of draws) which equals 20. You then turn this into a percentage which means you have predicted you have a 20% chance of improving your hand. As you can see the correct odds are actually 21% but the sum gets you pretty damn close and is a lot quicker and simpler than trying to run the math on the spot.

Badugi odds of improving a 4 card hand

Trying to improve a 4 card hand when playing Badugi is a little different from drawing to a 3 card hand but you can still use the handy sum above. Obviously when you already hold a 4 card hand you have to decide whether to split it or not and the number of outs you have depends on how strong your current hand is.

For example you hold As 2d 3s 10c and have decided to split your hand and attempt to improve it. First you need to work out the number of outs your have. In this situation the following cards will improve your hand 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 of clubs therefore you have a total of 6 outs. Using the quick 2 x number of outs x draws remaining calculation means that with only 1 draw remaining you have a 12% chance of improving your hand. Remember we said the calculation isn’t 100% accurate which is why the Badugi odds table above shows the correct percentage to be 13%.

Deciding if you should split a 4 card hand when playing Badugi is always very difficult and the odds alone can only be part of your decision making process. You must also consider the strength of your opponents hand, if you perceive it to be very strong then that makes spliting your hand an easier decision, if you perceive it to be a weak hand then not splitting your hand could well be the correct thing to do. You must base your decision on the actions of your opponents, the current strength of your 4 card hand and the odds of improving your hand.