Where To Play Badugi Online

PokerStars.comIf you are looking to play Badugi online then you only have one legitimate choice which is PokerStars.com. They aren’t the only place where you can play Badugi online but Pokerstars is the only site with enough traffic to support Badugi online. Currently they are spreading fixed limit cash games which range from 25c/50c right up to $400/$800, Badugi sit and go tournaments which start at $1.20 as well as various multi table tournaments.

Play Badugi at PokerStars now!

A number of different sites have tried to introduce Badugi over the years but PokerStars is the only online poker room where the game has stuck and grown in popularity. Currently all of the poker rooms networked to the Merge poker network (Carbon Poker, Aced.com etc) offer players the chance to play Badugi online. The problem with these rooms is the distinct lack of traffic. There are barely any Holdem games running let alone Badugi games. I can’t remember the last time I logged on to Carbon Poker and actually found a game of Badugi running.

Pokerstars BadugiPokerStars on the other hand always has Badugi games running. At peak times on Pokerstars there is usually over 100 Badugi players online with a range of different cash games running including regular high stakes action. I don’t think I’ve ever logged on and not seen a game at the 25c/50c level running. Sometimes $2/$4 and $3/$6 games don’t always run at the same time but usually if one isn’t running then the other is. Really high stakes action is a bit sporadic but $200/$400 games do run occasionally.

It’s a real shame that some of the other big poker sites haven’t introduced Badugi yet. It would be great if Full Tilt Poker added Badugi to their spread of games and even better if the WSOP added a Badugi event to their schedule. The more the games popularity grows the more other poker sites will start giving their players the chance to play Badugi online.

For an even more detailed look at playing Badugi online check out this Pokerstars Badugi article.

PokerStars Badugi Bonus

All new players at PokerStars are welcomed with a 100% deposit bonus up to $600. Every time you play in a real money game at PokerStars, no matter what it is, you will be earning frequent player points. These frequent player points go towards clearing your bonus plus you can spend them on more cash bonuses in the Pokerstars VIP store.

Although there is no rakeback at PokerStars at the moment if you save up your frequent player points and buy the biggest possible cash bonus of $4,000 then it works out at 33% rakeback. If you aren’t a high volume player then there are smaller cash bonuses available starting from $50.

The great news for Badugi players is that the Badugi games on PokerStars are fixed limit and players in fixed limit games earn frequent player points much quicker than those playing pot limit or no limit poker.

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