Badugi Poker Sites and Rooms

PokerStars.comBadugi poker sites are actually few and far between and there is only really one decent option out there for players. The best Badugi poker site is Pokerstars, they have the best traffic and the widest variety of games on offer by far. We are hopeful that more online poker rooms will become Badugi poker sites in the future but at the moment the only realistic option for Badugi poker players is Pokerstars.

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You have probably heard of Carbon Poker or Aced Poker who are both on the Merge poker network. Merge networked poker sites are all Badugi poker sites. The problem is that as a network Merge just doesn’t have much traffic, it’s ok for Holdem or Omaha but it’s rubbish for Badugi. In fact it’s so bad that Badugi games virtually never run. There is no comparison between Merge and PokerStars when it comes to the best Badugi poker site. PokerStars takes the prize every single time.

Best Badugi Poker Site

Pokerstars BadugiThe reason PokerStars is the best Badugi poker site is quite simple, it has enough traffic to support a constant spread of Badugi games. At peak times on PokerStars you are looking at between 100 and 120 Badugi players all online at the same time playing a mixture of fixed limit cash games, sit and go’s, heads up matches and multi table tournaments.

Pokerstars Badugi cash games are all fixed limit games with a maximum of 8 players per table. The lowest stakes are 25c/50c and the highest tables listed in the lobby are $400/$800 but these rarely see any action. At peak times there is normally at least a $5/$10 game running and when the pro’s get together the $100/$200 games do run.

Pokerstars really is the best Badugi poker site, there’s just no point in playing anywhere else because the traffic sucks! If you want to get a better feel for all the Badugi games running on Pokerstars then click this PokerStars Badugi link which will take you to an article which goes into more detail about the various Badugi games running on the best Badugi poker site, Pokerstars.

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Note: There is no point in trying to look for Pokerstars rakeback because at the moment they don’t offer it. However if you do sign up and generate enough frequent player points you can buy cash bonuses which equate to 33% rakeback!

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