Pokerstars Badugi Games

Pokerstars BadugiPokerstars Badugi games are by far the best Badugi games online. In fact Pokerstars are one of the only online poker rooms that offer players the chance to play Badugi. The only other place you can play Badugi at the moment is rooms on the Merge network. Unfortunately the Merge network has rubbish traffic and as a result the Badugi games never run.

Play Badugi at Pokerstars

Pokerstars Badgui games run 24/7 and at peak times you will even see $5/10 and $40/$80 Badugi games running. All of the Pokerstars Badugi cash games are 8 max and fixed limit but at the higher limits you will find games run short handed more often than not. You can play between 25c/50c and $400/$800 Badugi cash games on Pokerstars and poker datamining is possible.

During off peak hours Pokerstars Badugi tables still run but ring game traffic is down to between 40 and 50 players in total. Peak hours can see over 100 people online playing Badugi.

Pokerstars Badugi Tournaments and Sit And Go Action

Pokerstars is the only online poker site where you are going to find any decent Badugi poker tournaments running. At the lower stakes the multi table tournaments on offer usually attract between 60 and 100 runners depending on the start time. The most popular are the 11:15 and 15:15 fixed limit Pokerstars Badugi tournaments and the 5:15 and 9:15 pot limit Badugi tournaments.

Pokerstars Badugi sit and go tournaments range from between a $1.20 and $530 buy in. The most popular are without a doubt the heads up Badugi sit and go’s which do run at the $530 limit occasionally. The one table 8 player sit and go tournaments run on a less regular basis than the heads up matches but at he lower limits are fairly frequent. The $55 one table Pokerstars Badugi tournaments do fill up but it can take a while if you are not playing at peak times.

WCOOP Badugi

Raydavis77Pokerstars is home to the WCOOP (Word Championship of Online Poker) and an event is always reserved for Badugi. Event 15 of last years WCOOP was a $320 buy in fixed limit Badugi tournament. It had a $100,000 guarantee and attracted a total of 376 Badugi players. The winner was Raydavis77, from the USA, who took down the first place prize of just under $20,000. The final table finishers looked like this:

WCOOP Event 15 Badugi Results:

Place Name Location Prize Money
1 Raydavis77 USA $19,912
2 bobsmith166 UK $17,312
3 goleafsgo41 Canada $11,844
4 Cordelia USA $8,460
5 THE_D_RY USA $5,640
6 JP OSU USA $3,948
7 crocky Australia $2,820
8 MadisonAce39 USA $2,256

Badugi is expected to become a permanent fixture in the World Championship of Online Poker and there is some talk of a pot limit Badugi event being added to the schedule as well. Visit the Pokerstars website for more details on upcoming WCOOP Badugi events.