Badugi Rules

PokerStars.comHere is a full list of Badugi rules. Badugi rules actually have a reputation of being quite complicated but to be honest once you know how to play Badugi then getting to grips with the rules really shouldn’t be a problem. After a couple of rounds at the table you should begin to pick up the rules of Badugi pretty quickly. Badugi rules are like any other poker rules, once you know them they become automatic and you don’t need to think about them when playing.

The rules of Badugi do depend on which format of the game you are playing. We will discuss all betting formats below but the only format currently available online at is limit Badugi.

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Betting rules of Badugi

Badugi betting rules depend on which format of the game you are playing. The most popular format of Badugi is limit Badugi but pot limit and half pot limit Badugi games are sometimes played at casinos and home games.

Limit Badugi is the most popular online format where betting is restricted by the limit of the small and big bet. In a $10/$20 limit Badugi game the small bet limit would be $10 and the big bet limit would be $20. In a limit game players wanting to bet of raise must do so in increments of the size of the betting limits.

Pot limit Badugi is quite different from limit Badugi. When playing pot limit Badugi players are allowed to bet or raise a maximum of the size of the pot. The restrictions are not the betting limits but the size of the pot. Half pot limit is exactly the same as pot limit except players are only allowed to bet a maximum of half the pot.

Badugi Drawing Rules

Badugi drawing rules remain the same in every round. Players can either ‘stand pat’ which means drawing 0 cards or they can draw up to 4 cards if they wish. When players are drawing they select the cards they want to discard and the dealer replaces them with new cards before anyone else at the table gets to draw.

Note: Players who stand pat are expected to have a strong hand as they don’t wish to change any of their cards. The more cards a player draws the weaker his or her hand is assumed to be before the draw.

Badugi Showdown Rules

The rules of Badugi state that the lowest hand at showdown will win the pot. However, it is important to remember that a 4 card Badugi hand always beats a 3 card Badugi hand which beats a 2 card hand which beats a 1 card hand. If two players hold a hand with the same number of cards in then the lowest hand of the two is the winner. Should players have the same hand then the pot is split between them.

Pairs and suited cards count against you when playing Badugi. Badugi rules state that if you make it to showdown with a pair in your hand then you must discard one of you cards so you no longer hold a pair. The same goes for anyone who has two cards of the same suit in their hand.

If you do manage to make a 4 card hand then this is known as ‘a Badugi’.

The rules of Badugi really aren’t that hard, don’t let the fact that they differ somewhat from other poker games put you off playing. Badugi is great fun and really exciting. You can play online right now at at limits ranging from 25c/50c to $400/$800.