Badugi Strategy For Intermediate Players

PokerStars.comLittle is known about Badugi strategy, the game is the new kid on the block at Pokerstars and the players who are beating the game generally choose to keep their winning Badugi poker strategy tips to themselves (surprisingly!). My strategy advice is very much based on a few high quality Badugi strategy resources and my own experience playing Badugi at Pokerstars. Please note that this article does assume you already know how to play Badugi.

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Badugi Starting Hand Strategy

The first thing most players who are looking to play Badugi want to know about is Badugi starting hand requirements. As with any form of poker, the starting hands you play will depend on the situation you are in and the opponents you are facing. Here is a quick run through of hands to play from early, mid and late position.

Early: From early position at the table you want to be playing your tightest range of hands. Play any 3 card hand six and under such as A-2-3-x or 4-5-6-x. Also play any 3 card 7 low hands which contain two cards which can make a wheel. For example A-3-7-x and 3-4-7-x.

Mid: You can open up your range in middle position if you are not faced with a raise. Play all 3 card hands which are 7 or lower and any 2 card hands that include an ace and are lower than 5 such as A-5-x-x and A-2-x-x.

Late: In late position your range will be at it’s widest. You can open the pot if it’s un opened with the following. Any hands which contain 2 cards under a 5, 3 card hands below 8 and hands which are just pure blind steals.

Starting hand Badugi strategy is no exact science but the general concepts that apply to all poker games still apply. You should be playing less hands from early position and opening up your range considerably from late position in an attempt to steal the blinds and play hands in which you have a positional advantage.

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Badugi Drawing Strategy

Drawing cards is obviously a massive part of any players Badugi poker strategy and one of the aspects of the game that most players get wrong. Before you can even begin to make a judgement about whether or not you should continue to draw or split your current hand you need to have a good understand of Badugi odds.

Check out this article: Badugi Odds – It will provide you with a good understand of drawing odds when playing Badugi and provide you with a simple on the spot system that will allow you to work out the percentage odds of your draw.

Drawing when playing Badugi is all about pot odds, pot odds and pot odds. When playing heads up pots you will rarely have the correct odds to continue drawing at your hand, especially if only 1 or 2 draws remain. A major part of being a winning player is knowing the odds of your draw and if you have the correct pot odds to continue in the hand.

It’s not all just about knowing when to draw correctly though. You also need to know if you have the best drawing hand when all players in the pot are drawing. If this is the case then you have the current nuts and even though you will continue to draw yourself you should be charging other players in the pot to draw at their hands. So many players give free cards to their opponents when they have the current nuts. If you are drawing to a 3 card A-2-3-x hand and everyone else is still drawing it’s pretty obvious you have the current best hand and therefore you should be betting!

Badugi Strategy and Snowing

Snowing in Badugi is defined as standing pat when you have not made a Badugi in an attempt to make the other players at the table believe you have made a strong hand. It’s more or less an out an out bluff! Snowing can be an extremely profitable play if used in the correct situations.

When To Snow In Badugi

It goes without saying that the best time to snow in Badugi is when your opponent appears to be weak. To establish this you need to look at the number of cards your opponent is drawing and how many draws remain. A player who draws two cards on the second draw clearly has a weak holding. This presents a great opportunity for us to stand pat and bet into our opponent representing a Badugi.

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