What Is Badugi Poker?

PokerStars.comThe best way to answer the question what is Badugi? is to provide a definition.

Badugi Definition: Badugi is a poker game in which players are dealt four cards, there are three drawing rounds and three betting rounds followed by a showdown. Badugi is a lowball poker game which means the lowest hand wins at showdown, pairs and suited cards weaken your hand.

The best place to play Badugi online is Pokerstars.com. They are the worlds largest online poker room and the only place on the net that is able to spread Badugi games that run on a regular basis.

Play Badugi at PokerStars

The popularity of Badugi is definitely on the rise although it doesn’t currently feature as an event at the WSOP. There is talk of adding a WSOP Badugi tournament especially now that Badugi tournaments have been added at the PCA and LA Poker Classic. If Badugi does get added to the WSOP schedule then there will be a lot more people asking what is Badugi, learning the game and playing online.

The most popular form of Badugi is fixed limit, however you will find both pot limit and half pot limit games at some casinos and in home games. The only format available online is fixed limit which can be played at Pokerstars.com.

Other Names For Badugi

You will find, especially in live casinos, that Badugi has a couple of different names. The first and most popular other name for Badugi is Padooki. You will that many Las Vegas casinos refer to Badugi as Padooki. The other name you will sometimes see used is Paldugi. In the online world though Badugi will always be called Badugi!

Hopefully now you know the answer to the question What is Badugi. If you are keen to learn more about the game then you are in the right place. We have an awesome how to play Badugi guide as well as Badugi rules article which will be able to give you a solid foundation and enough knowledge to play Badugi online. Navigate your way through our Badugi resources using the left side bar or click the previous links to visit the article of your choice.

Badugi is a great game to learn and the lack of good strategy advise out there surrounding the game means that good players have a real advantage. If you are looking for to learn a new game then Badugi is going to be one of your more profitable options.