WSOP Badugi Prospects

wsopAt present there isn’t a WSOP Badugi event on the World Series schedule. However as the games popularity continues to grow it seem ever more likely that one will be added. Badugi has been played in high stakes Vegas cash games since the 1970′s, well before it became popular online, and during the World Series of Poker is one of the most popular ring games on offer.

This article ‘The Other Games Of Poker’ written by Nicole Gordon in 2006 for talks about how popular Badugi was popular with the high stakes cash players in Vegas during the 2006 World Series of Poker. It actually reveals that B.T (Badugi and Triple Draw) was being played at the $400/$800 level by some of the biggest names in poker.

Another article written for the Casino City Times website by Vin Narayanan entitled ‘Tournaments we’d like to see at the WSOP’ calls for the addition of a World Series of Poker Badugi event citing the high stakes cash games a good enough reason as any to add a Badugi tournament to the WSOP.

Online Badugi is growing in popularity ever since the game was added to PokerStars back in 2008. A thread located on the 2+2 poker forum suggests that the interest in a high buy in Badugi tournament at the WSOP would be a better idea than just adding in a $1,500 buy in event.

Watch this space as far as we are concerned and don’t be surprised is to see a WSOP Badugi event in 2010.

If you can’t wait that long and fancy some online Badugi action then head over to who are the only site to spread Badugi cash games that run 24/7, including at the higher limits.

LA Poker Classic

On piece of good news for Badugi players in the USA is the addition of a Badugi event to the LA Poker Classic series. The Commerce Casino in Los Angeles will be host to the first Badugi event ever in LA Poker Classic history which takes place at 4pm on February 15th 2010. The buy in is $1,065 and no one really knows what kind of a field the tournament will attract. Many are guessing at between 200 and 300 which if achieved could be a stepping stone to a WSOP Badugi event later on in 2010.

WCOOP Badugi

Every year Pokerstars run the World Championship of Online Poker and a Badugi event is included in the schedule. Last years tournament was won by Ray Davis, it had a $320 buy in and first prize was a cool $20,000. In total there were 376 runners. For more information about WCCOP Badugi events and last years winner check out this Pokerstars Badugi page.

For news on up and coming WCOOP Badugi events visit